32nd Journal Publications

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Submission period: June 15 – June 30, 2019, 23:59 (JST)
Submission period: Ended.

Journal Publications

After the symposium, authors can submit their papers to: (1) “Transactions of Japan Society for Aeronautical and Space Sciences (Trans. of JSASS)” or (2) “Transactions of JSASS, Aerospace Technology Japan (Aerospace Technology Japan)”.

(1) Trans. of JSASS is the top-ranked journal of aerospace engineering in Japan. The publication fees for eight-page paper is 100,000 JPY, including tax. The publication fees include typesetting and language editing service. Additional pages are acceptable with additional fees (see the Trans. of JSASS information page). The papers are reviewed by the JSASS Editorial Committee.

(2) Aerospace Technology Japan is an online journal published in English, specifically featuring the field of aerospace technology. Accepted manuscripts are bi-monthly, published online, after receiving the final versions of the manuscripts and publication fee. The journal considers submissions from researchers from around the world. Topics may include, but are not limited to, aerodynamics, aircraft design, aerospace structures and materials, flight dynamics, aerospace control and guidance systems, air traffic management, astrodynamics, aerospace propulsion, and aerospace education programs.

The authors whose manuscripts are not related to technologies, but are science-focussed, are encouraged to submit their manuscripts to (1) Trans. of JSASS, but not to (2) Aerospace Technology Japan, because Aerospace Technology Japan is a journal, specifically featuring the field of aerospace technologies.

In the case of submission to Aerospace Technology Japan, through the peer-reviews by the JSASS editorial committee and the ISTS publication committee, the accepted manuscripts will be published through Vol.18 (2020), No.1 to Vol.19 (2021), No.6 of Aerospace Technology Japan.

All manuscripts are fully peer-reviewed with regard to their originality and importance to aeronautics and astronautics, and must follow ethical standards in publication. The journal publishes Full Articles, Research and Development Reports, Education Programs Report related with aerospace technologies, Research Notes, and Miscellaneous articles such as Comments and Questions, Replies and Errata. The journal also publishes articles selected from JSASS organizing international conferences. The articles selected from the JSASS organizing international conferences are categorized into Full Articles, Research Notes, and Education Programs Report in accordance with their contents and the number of pages. The audience is diverse, including global-researchers, technologists, engineers and educators who are interested in discovering and reading information vital to progress in the aeronautics and astronautics.

Each paper submitted to Aerospace Technology Japan is allowed up to 10 pages of text, including figures and tables, but please note that the 10 page strict limit cannot be exceeded. Color graphics are acceptable. However, movie files and some kinds of software tools should not be included in the paper.

Papers with less than 6 pages will be automatically categorized into “Research Note”. Papers presented in u-session of ISTS will be categorized into “Educational Program Report” no matter how many pages when they are accepted for publication in Aerospace Technology Japan.

The articles published are available online to the JSASS members for reading or downloading as of the publication date. One year after publication, all the articles will be free to access and download for non-JSASS members on the J-STAGE Web page.

Abstracts are open to the public and free to view by both members and non-members.

Manuscripts must be submitted using the JSASS manuscript submission web page. Manuscripts sent via conventional mail and e-mail cannot be received. The author (s) must fill in the information required for the author (s), the abstract and so on, as requested on the manuscript submission web page, and electronically upload a PDF file of the article.

The manuscript must be prepared using the template available on the JSASS Web page. The author (s) must convert the manuscript into a 600 dpi PDF file upon submission. The maximum size of the PDF file is 5MB. Please be advised that the PDF file must be readable, regardless of the machine used to access it, excluding any particular fonts, such as Japanese fonts. The author (s) is/are requested to preview the file before submission.

If the manuscript is accepted, the corresponding author is requested to prepare both, a final version PDF and the text data of the manuscript, as directed by the Editorial Office.

Please note that JSASS shall hold the copyrights of any article published in JSASS journals. Authors of the articles must follow the “Guideline on Copyrights for the Authors of JSASS Journals.”

The contents of any manuscript submitted for publication in JSASS journals must not have been previously published anywhere, exceptions shall include articles presented, or to be presented, for the proceedings of a conference or a collection of papers organized by JSASS. Manuscripts cannot be accepted, if they do not have explicit statements that the contents have security clearance. Authors of articles, derived from government funding, will be asked to confirm that the journal has specific rights to publish the article.

The responsibility for the contents of contributions is solely resides with the persons, who have prepared them.

Once the manuscript has been accepted for publication and the author (s) informed, the first author of the accepted manuscript is required to pay the publication fee indicated below.

Publication Fees (Tax included)

  • 7,500 JPY x N (pages) JPY in case the first author is a JSASS member
  • 7,500 JPY x N (pages) + 12,000 JPY in case the first author is NOT a JSASS member

The publication fee indicated above does not include the service such as typesetting and language editing service. Thus, authors have to prepare the photo-ready and grammatical errors free manuscript. If the manuscript is not written in appropriate English, it may be rejected before the review process. If English is not your first language, please ask an English-speaking colleague to proof-edit your manuscript.

How to prepare for manuscript

Papers and preprints of ISTS after 2000 are available in ISTS Web Paper Archives and you can search papers/preprints for free.