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Message from the Exhibition Chairperson

The 32nd International Symposium on Space Technology and Science is going to be held in AOSSA and Happiring, Fukui city, Fukui Prefecture, from June 15th (Sat.) to 21st (Fri.) 2019, jointly with 9th Nano-satellite Symposium. The Organizing Committee of the 32nd ISTS is planning an "International Space Exhibition" at the symposium site with aerospace related exhibits such as models, components, photographs and films (Note that the duration of the exhibition itself is five days, from June 15th (Sat.) to 19th (Wed.)).

Being compact and scenic, Fukui City is a popular castle town, holding a historical heritage such as the Ichijodani Asakura Clan Ruins, and rich in nature. Not far from Fukui City, there are many touristic points such as Eiheiji, "The Temple of Eternal Peace", categorized two-star by an internationally authoritative tourist guidebook.

Fukui Prefecture has afforded its rich resources to the space exploration endeavors. The Prefecture has offered its excellent location to the heavy industrial manufacturers, which provide the essential equipment used for a number of space missions. Satellite project is now going on, with the close cooperation of industries, universities, local government in the prefecture, aiming for launch a small satellite in FY 2020.

It is my honor that ISTS is hosted by Fukui City. This will prove to be a splendid opportunity to enhance awareness of the local contribution to space science among the businesses and to increase the interest of the coming generations in the space.

On behalf of the Organizing Committee of the 32nd ISTS, we would like to invite you to take part in the exhibition and to show your activities. Obviously, your participation will contribute to the success of the exhibition and the Symposium.

We are looking forward to your participation to make the Symposium as attractive and successful as possible.

Akiko Suzuki
Chairperson, Exhibition Committee
32nd ISTS

Exhibition Outline

In the 32nd ISTS International Space Exhibition, the results yielded by aerospace research & development and current activities led by manufacturing industries in the field of science & technology will be introduced not only to participants of the symposium, but also to the public widely. Therefore, the exhibition provides the opportunity to realize the fascination of space and the range possibilities it offers.

1) Exhibition Name 32nd ISTS International Space Exhibition
2) Promoter 32nd ISTS Organizing Committee, Exhibition Committee
3) Open Period & Site June 15 (Sat.) * June 19 (Wed.), 2019
AOSSA (Japanese Only)
Exhibition Venue Floor Map (TBA)
4) Exhibit Fee (Tax excluded) Shell Scheme Stand (3×3×2.4m) JPY250,000
Space Only (minimum 50 sqm) JPY20,000
Panel Stand (0.9×2.1m) JPY50,000

Regulation & Application Form Download

The guideline and the application form for "32nd ISTS Exhibition Program Participants" can be downloaded here. If you wish to apply for the exhibition, please complete and return the form to the 32nd ISTS Exhibition Secretariat not later than January 31, 2019. We will send further information to those who have returned the form. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We are looking forward to having your participation to make the Symposium as attractive and fruitful as possible.

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