ISTS and NSAT ISTS: 32nd International Symposium on Space Technology and Science NSAT: Nano-satellite Symposium

About ISTS

Message from the 32nd General Chairperson

On behalf of the ISTS organizing committee, the Japan Society for Aeronautical and Space Science, JSASS, I am very pleased to welcome you to the 32nd ISTS to be held at Fukui city, Fukui prefecture (福井), Japan, in June 2019. The ISTS is an international symposium on space technology and science, which covers almost all the disciplines related to space. It first met in 1959 in Tokyo and has been held in Japan mostly once every two years. ISTS has grown to have more than 1,000 participants in the last three symposiums in Nagoya, Kobe and Matsuyama. We are now entering a new chapter of the ISTS. A private consulting firm will carry the function of the secretary general of the ISTS with the mandate of transforming it into a world renowned space symposium.

Our success in past ISTS can be attributed not only to the combined endeavors of the participants and the organizing committees but to the strong supports of the local communities. We are so proud to have helped the local communities extend their involvement in space related activities even after the conferences. There won't be any exception to Fukui. The prefecture has a plan to launch its own small satellite Kenmin-Sat (県民衛星), which means a satellite by, of and for all citizens of the prefecture. In the prefecture, you can visit a Buddhist temple Eiheiji (永平寺) which can be literally translated as the Temple of Perpetual Peace. By visiting this world famous Zen temple, you’ll realize the relationship between Zen and the Space Science. Both strive to reveal the truth in the universe by making things simple and understandable by all.

The theme of the 32nd ISTS is "Fly like a Phoenix to Space.” By using this mythical bird that connotes energy and virtue, I envision the ISTS be a forum that will make us soar into space and turn dreams into success. Please join us and have stimulating discussions about space technology and science for our better future. I look forward to seeing you in June 2019 at the city of Fukui.

 Prof. Yasuhiro Morita, JAXA

Message from the 32nd Program Chairperson

As a Chairperson of the Program Committee of the 32nd ISTS, I have been so excited to imagine that a large number of researchers, engineers, educators, students and all the people who are interested in a variety of space-related activities will get together for ISTS held in Fukui City, 2019.

The symbol of Citizens' Charter of Fukui City is a phoenix, because the citizens are proud of their history that the city continues to develop receiving the attack of disasters like a phoenix, which repeatedly rises from the ashes. In space development, as all we know, various difficulties are waiting for us. However, the progress must go on beyond them to make all the people happier via space activities. I really hope that the 32nd ISTS will be a magical reaction chamber to produce novel ideas for future space development through the exchange of knowledge, experiences and opinions among the participants.

Fukui will wait for you with a variety of programs, including plenary lectures on the highlights of the world space activities, technical sessions, Control System Design Contest (Cancelled), Student Session, Exhibitions as well as cultural programs to help you enjoy Fukui tradition. Jointly with ISTS, the Nano-satellite Symposium will be also held.

Please join us at the 32nd ISTS in the capital city of Fukui prefecture, which is well known as a place to make people living there happy.

 Prof. Kojiro Suzuki, The University of Tokyo

About ISTS

The International Symposium on Space Technology and Science (ISTS) is the leading space conference in Japan that attracts over 1,000 international participants, hosted in various cities in Japan. The ISTS offers a unique platform to share information on the latest research and developments in areas including space technology, space science, space medicine, and space policy and law, and to promote cooperation among specialists in space activities.

The first ISTS was held in 1959 in Tokyo. Recent Symposia have been held biennially all over Japan, the last five being held in Tsukuba (27th and 50-year anniversary of ISTS, 2009), Okinawa (28th ISTS, 2011), Nagoya (29th ISTS, 2013) , Kobe (30th ISTS, 2015) and Matsuyama (31st ISTS, 2017). The last 31th ISTS was successfully held on June 3-9, 2017 under the main theme of "Open up a New Age of Space Discovery -Space Cuckoo Flies to New Space Frontier From Matsuyama-” with 1,091 participants from 31 countries and 877 presentations.

Organizing Committee

32nd ISTS Schedule

International Space Exhibition June 15 (Sat.)-June 19 (Wed.)
Opening Ceremony & Special Session June 17 (Mon.)
Sessions June 18 (Tue.) - June 21 (Fri.)
Commendation & Farewell Ceremony June 21 (Fri.)