Congratulations!  Prize List


We plan to give the following three kinds of awards to the students and researchers who made excellent works and presentations at the 31st ISTS.

Student Session Awards

The following special prizes will be awarded to meritorious papers.

General Chairperson Award
The prize winner will be given the opportunity to attend International Symposium on space field.
JSASS(The Japan Society for Aeronautical and Space Sciences) President Award
Modi Memorial Jaya-Jayant Award
JAXA President Award
The prize winner will be given the opportunity to attend IAC2017(International Astronautical Congress).
SPSS(Society for Promotion of Space Science) President Award
Ehime-Matsuyama Executive Committee Award
Japanese Rocket Society Award

Best Poster Award

Several excellent posters presented at the poster session will be awarded.
It will be judged by vote of all participants at the poster session.

The 9th Spacecraft Control System Design Contest

Several prizes will be given to participants who designed excellent control algorithms.

The 9th edition of the Global Trajectory Optimization Competition

The GTOC trophy, currently at the European Space Agency, will be handed over to the winners of the 9th edition to be kept until the next edition.

Scholarship Program

31st ISTS will offer scholarship for overseas students who submit their paper to the student session. Submitted papers shall be single authored by graduate students, undergraduate students, or students in technical colleges or senior high schools.
The accepted submissions will be screened and assigned to student session or a general oral / poster session according to the new student session policy. The final assigning will not affect the scholarship application condition. Therefore, those who wish to apply should make sure to select “Student Session” as the presentation preference. This program is conducted by the cooperation between the 31st ISTS Organizing Committee.

For more information Call for Papers. Please send an e-mail attached required application materials to ISTS Secretariat ( after abstract submission to the student session.


(1)Applicants are required to submit the following materials.

  1. Photocopies (pdf files) of student ID and passport
  2. Recommendation letter (pdf file) from his/her supervisor or a teacher in his/her school
  3. Application Form

(2)Submission of a report on the symposium is required after the symposium.

3) Scholarship will support the following fee.

  1. Round trip fee from the nearest airport to Central Japan International Airport
  2. Accommodation fee from June 4 to June 10, 2017 (6 nights )
  3. Registration fee

4) Schedule of this scholarship program.

Nov.7, 2016 ⇒ Nov.14, 2016 24:00 (Japan Standard Time) : Deadline of submission of the application materials.
Jan. 6 10, 2017 : Notification of Acceptance for all authors
Jan. 20, 2017 : The scholarship selection result will be notified to all applicants.

Additional information will be announced in this website.

5) Notice

  1. Students who have foreign citizenship and live in abroad at the time of application are eligible for this scholarship program.
  2. Students selected in the past ISTS scholarship are not eligible for this year’s scholarship program.
  3. A Limited number of students (one candidate per each country) will be invited.