ISTS 30th

Journal Publications

After the symposium, the authors can submit your paper to publish on “Transactions of Japan Society for Aeronautical and Space Sciences (JSASS)” or “Transactions of JSASS, Aerospace Technology Japan”. 

The authors are encouraged to submit your paper to Transactions of JSASS, which is the top journal of aerospace engineering in Japan. The publication fee for eight-pages paper is 100,000 JPY and tax including typesetting and language editing service. Additional pages are acceptable with additional fees (see the Trans. JSASS information page). The papers are reviewed by the JSASS editorial committee. 

In the case of submission to Transactions of JSASS, Aerospace Technology Japan, through the peer-reviews by the JSASS editorial committee and the ISTS publication committee, the papers are published on the special volume of Transactions of JSASS, Aerospace Technology Japan entitled “ISTS Special Issue: Selected papers from the 30th International Symposium on Space Technology and Science”.
Publication Fees (Tax included)
    ・ 30,000 JPY (for JSASS member)
    ・ 40,000 JPY (for non JSASS member)
    ・ 34,000 JPY (in case the primary author is a student, but he/she is NOT a JSASS student 
                        member at the 30th ISTS)
    ・ Optional fee : Style correction option 2,000 JPY per page

The publication fee does not include the service such as typesetting and language editing service. Thus, authors have to prepare the photo-ready manuscript. If the format is not appropriate the paper will be rejected before the review process. 

How to prepare for manuscript   
    ・ General Requirements for Contributors : English Version
  ・ General Requirements for Contributors : Japanese Version
    ・ Paper Template (Word:106KB)
    ・ Paper Template (PDF:166KB)  
    ・ Paper Template (TeX:142KB) 

Papers and preprints of ISTS after 2000 are available in ISTS Web Paper Archives and you can search papers/preprints for free.