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Regular Paper Submission

Regular Paper Submission

Authors whose papers are accepted should submit paper along with “Copyright Assignment” and “Speaker’s Information” by the deadline of May 15 ⇒ 22, 2015.
Please keep in mind “No Paper, No Presentation Policy”.
Copyright Assignment
JSASS and ISTS organizing committee will have the rights to place the papers on ISTS Web Paper Archives and to make/sell the conference CD-ROM or its equivalent, including the right to make paper prints from the CD-ROM or its equivalent or Web.

Important Notice
Authors whose papers are accepted for IEPC & b) Electric and Advanced Propulsion Session should see the IEPC web site for paper submission.

For more information, see the “Instructions” below.

                                              Paper Submission Site Closed.

Submission Template Download

Paper Template WORD(Word) (TeX) PDF(PDF)Instruction

Note: Each paper should be prepared not more than 10 pages.
Authors for IEPC & b) Electric and Advanced Propulsion Session should use another template at the IEPC web site.

Coming Events and Remindful Due Dates

For Authors and Speakers

Pre-registration by May 15, 2015

Submission of following items

・A PDF file of manuscript for Conference Digital Medium
・Sign up for the Copyright Assignment
・Speaker’s Information

by May 15, 2015
Speakers Briefing 10 min before session
Paper re-submission to The ISTS Special Issue of Transactions of JSASS, Aerospace Technology Japan July 4 – July 31,2015

For Chairpersons

Check tentative program on ISTS web site from April 1, 2015
Read the papers of your session and Chairperson’s Instruction before the session. after June 25, 2015
Speakers Briefing 10 min before session
Fill in the evaluation sheet (student session only) immediately after the session

Important Notice for Journal Publications

Authors who have declared their submittals to the Journal at the time of paper submission need to re-submit the paper through the website which will be available on July 4. Authors are able to submit to  “Transactions of Japan Society for Aeronautical and Space Sciences (JSASS) Aerospace Technology Japan.”

More details on Journal Publication

Paper Archives

Papers of ISTS after 2000 are available in ISTS Web Paper Archives.