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Message from the 30th General Chairperson

On behalf of the organizing committee, I am very pleased to welcome you to the 30th ISTS to be held at Kobe city, Hyogo, Japan, on July 4-10, 2015. The ISTS is an international symposium on space technology and science, which covers whole fields of space activities. It first met in 1959 in Tokyo and has been held in Japan mostly every two years. This symposium has played an important role in sharing information, and in providing a world wide network for scientists and engineers, both from academic and industrial communities, in space technology and science. ISTS has also been giving opportunities for young researchers and students to open their eyes to the world. ISTS has grown and was honored to have more than 1,000 participants in the last 29th symposium in Nagoya.

Prof. Kozo FUJII, JAXA

The 30th ISTS symposium is held in Kobe, which is well known as a cosmopolitan port city. The theme of the 30th ISTS is “Space Voyage – Frontier for Better Life on Earth!”.
Behind this theme, there exists the trend to focus on expanding utilization of space, considering acquisition of technologies as enabling tools.
It also reflects the history of city Kobe. The city of Kobe is also famous for their nice food and stay in addition to wonderful mountain and sea views, and we all hope you will enjoy them. Please join us and have stimulating discussions about space technology and science for our better life in the future. I look forward to seeing you in July 2015 at the city Kobe.

Message from the 30th Program Chairperson

Prof. Shinichi NAKASUKA,
The Univ. of Tokyo

As a Chairperson of the Program Committee of the 30th ISTS, I would be very pleased to welcome you from all nations interested in space-related activities to participate in this symposium.

The memorial 30th ISTS will be held under the main theme of “Space Voyage – Frontier for Better Life on Earth !” Space is of course “a frontier,” and exploring such frontier (“space voyage”) is itself an important objective. But in addition, such space activities should and surely will also contribute to the “Better Life on Earth”. Coincidentally, year of 2015 will be the 20th anniversary of the Hanshin-Awaji Big Earthquake in Kobe area. How about making the most of this opportunity to re-consider and discuss the possibilities of space activities in much wider areas, of course including disaster mitigations ?

We will wait for you with variety of programs, including plenary lectures, panel discussions, Control System Design Contest, Student Sessions, Exhibitions as well as social programs to help you feel and enjoy Kobe. We are also very glad to hold together the 34th IEPC (International Electric Propulsion Conference) and 6th Nano-satellite Symposium jointly with ISTS, which is expected to generate additional synergy effects.

Please join us at this 30th memorial ISTS, 34th IEPC and 6th NSAT in the beautiful port city of Kobe !!

About ISTS

The International Symposium on Space Technology and Science (ISTS) is the leading space conference in Japan that attracts over 1,000 international participants, hosted in various cities in Japan. The ISTS offers a unique platform to share information on the latest research and developments in areas including space technology, space science, space medicine, and space policy and law, and to promote cooperation among specialists in space activities.

The first ISTS was held in 1959 in Tokyo. Recent Symposia have been held biennially all over Japan, the last five being held in Kanazawa (25th ISTS, 2006), Hamamatsu (26th ISTS, 2008), Tsukuba (27th and 50-year anniversary of ISTS, 2009), Okinawa (28th ISTS, 2011) and Nagoya (29th ISTS, 2013). The last 29th ISTS was successfully held on June 2-9, 2013 under the main theme of “WISH IT, DREAM IT, DO IT !”, with 1,072 participants from 32 countries and 762 presentations.

Organizing Committee

         As of June 26, 2015 

30th ISTS Schedule

Symposium July 4 (Sat.) – July 10 (Fri.)
Opening Ceremony July 6 (Mon.)
Sessions July 6 (Mon.) – July 10 (Fri.)
Commendation & Farewell Ceremony July 10 (Fri.)
Exhibition July 4 (Sat.) – July 8 (Wed.)

Previous Symposium, the 29th ISTS in Nagoya

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