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IEPC Call for Papers



IEPC (International Electric Propulsion Conference) is the world’s largest forum in the field of electric propulsion for spacecraft, aiming at the exchange among researchers, developers, managers, scholars, and students and at the promotion of thruster R&D and space activities.

The conference is held every other year in alternation between a US and a non-US location and participants from more than twenty countries come together representing the worldwide electric propulsion community. Succeeding the 33rd IEPC in Washington DC, USA in 2013, it will return to Japan after 16 years, jointly with the 30th ISTS (International Symposium on Space Technology and Sciences) and the 6th NSAT (Nano-Satellite symposium).



Kobe is located close to the very center of Japan and has been designated by the Japanese Government as one of the special MICE destination cities. Kobe is surrounded by a panorama of sea and beautiful landscape, in the form of the Rokko Mountain Range and the Seto Inland Sea, both of which contribute to the city’s mild climate.

The local economy has prospered around the Port of Kobe ever since the city opened to international trade in 1868. As such, several major heavy industry branches (including steel and shipbuilding) have flourished and with them nurtured a pool of expertise developed across numerous small-to-medium-sized companies around Hyogo prefecture, including aerospace manufacturing.

Kobe is also known as “a city of cuisine” and boasts the world-famous Kobe beef and Nada Sake rice wine as signature specialties.

The city of Kobe in Hyogo prefecture has been pursuing various local projects since 2013 aimed at the people of both Kobe and Hyogo, with the intention of deepening their understanding about space and space-related technologies. We sincerely hope that all the participants will truly enjoy their time in the attractive city that is Kobe.


Abstract Submission Instructions

Submission of abstracts for the IEPC will be accepted electronically through ISTS’s web site at address site by specifying the IEPC session. Each abstract must be written in English comprising one (1) page of PDF format including figures. The file size is limited to be less than 1 MB. Authors should prepare abstracts using the provided template [MS-word, PDF]. While submitting your abstracts, please choose at least one keyword from Category 1 and 2 listed below.

The abstract deadline is November 28, 2014. Abstracts will be reviewed by the IEPC2015 Technical Committee. Paper submitted for oral presentation may be included in the poster session, and vice versa, if the content is judged to be more suitable for the other presentation style. The notification of acceptance will be sent electronically through e-mail by January 31, 2015 and the schedule will be announced by April 1, 2015. An author’s kit for preparing final paper for ERPS Web Paper Archives and ISTS On-Site Digital Medium (CD or USB)/Web Paper Archives will be posted on ISTS web site around this time. The accepted papers must be uploaded by May 15, 2015.

Please submit your abstracts following these steps:

1. Select “New Submission of Personal Information” and register your information.
2. Log into the submission form using your Login ID and Password.
3. After logged in, select “New submission of papers” and proceed with step 1 to step 5.

Please select “2 b) Electric and Advanced Propulsion – Joint session with 34th IEPC” at the category choice in the Organized Sessions / Technical Sessions in step 3.

Keyword Category 1

  • Hall Thruster
  • Ion Thrusters
  • Field Emission and Colloid Thrusters
  • MPD Thrusters
  • Pulsed Plasma Thrusters
  • Resistojets and Arcjets
  • Electrodeless/Helicon Plasma Thrusters
  • Other electrothermal, Electromagnetic or Electrostatic Thruster Concepts
  • Fusion Propulsion and Magnetoplasma Sail
  • Laser Propulsion/Beamed Energy Propulsion
  • Other Innovative or Advanced Electric Propulsion Concepts
  • Cathode and Other Component and Materials Technologies
  • EP Propellant feed Systems
  • Power and Power Processing for EP Systems

Keyword Category 2

  • Physics
  • Fundamental Studies
  • Analytical Modeling
  • Numerical Simulations
  • Laboratory and Space Testing
  • Diagnostics
  • Lifetime Characterization
  • Systems Analysis/Development
  • Flight Programs and In-flight Experience
  • Mission Analysis
  • Terrestrial Applications

Expecting synergy effects as a result of the joint conferences, papers appealing to satellite users, exploration project planners, and microsatellite researchers are particularly welcome. We are planning a special plenary session to all participants of the three conferences, highlighting the use of electric propulsion for future powered flights from nano-satellites to planetary OTVs. Papers dealing with other topics related to electric propulsion are also welcome, including program overviews and papers on the history of electric propulsion.

Registration Fee

IEPC Regular and Student Participant (Including On-site Digital Medium)

Early Registration 50,000 yen
On-site Registration 60,000 yen
Early Student (ID Required) 5,000 yen
On-site Student (ID Required) 10,000 yen
Accompanying Person 5,000 yen

Pre-registration will be made electrically on the web. The regular and student participants are able to attend any technical sessions of both the IEPC and the ISTS. Accompanying persons are unable to attend any technical sessions. The IEPC regular/student/accompanying person registration fee does NOT include the IEPC banquet ticket.


The IEPC banquet including the awards ceremony will be held separately from ISTS events. Regular participants, student participants, and accompanying persons who purchase the additional IEPC banquet tickets are able to attend the IEPC banquet. All of the IEPC participants are expected to join this unforgettable banquet.

IEPC Banquet Ticket (Regular) 10,000 yen
IEPC Banquet Ticket (Student/Accompanying Person) 5,000 yen

Web Paper Archives

All papers presented at the 34th IEPC will be open to the public through the ERPS web site (ERPS Web Paper Archives) and the ISTS web site (ISTS Web Paper Archives) after the conference.

Authors of accepted papers will be requested to upload the paper along with “Copyright Release Form” and “Speaker’s Information” by the deadline of May 15, 2015. Further information on manuscript submission will be announced on the ISTS web site.

High-quality papers can be published in an ISTS special issue of “Transactions of JSASS (The Japan Society for Aeronautical and Space Sciences), Aerospace Technology Japan,” a JSASS on-line journal. The submission of a paper to the journal is not automatic; the authors need to re-submit the paper on the website which will be available after the symposium.

Post-conference Technical Tour (Optional)

Two times of half-day technical tours to the Institute of Space and Astronautical Science (ISAS) of Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) in the Tokyo area will be provided after the conference on the 11th (Sat.) p.m. and on the 12th (Sun.) a.m. July, 2015. Each of the tours accepts 40 participants based on “first come, first served theory.”  The tours have the completely same contents, an electric propulsion research facility, a scientific satellites test facilities, and an exhibition room. No transportation between the conference venue and ISAS will be arranged. The participants should travel from Kobe to ISAS by themselves and meet at ISAS in the afternoon. It takes about four hours from Kobe to ISAS by bullet train ”Shinkansen”.
Please kindly refer the link below for the detail about the location, access, and accommodation.

Post-Conference Tour IEPC2015

IEPC Paper Submission

Authors whose papers are accepted are requested to submit their full-length manuscripts from the “Paper Submission & Registration Site” button below, along with “Copyright Assignment” and “Speaker’s Information,” by the deadline of May 15, 2015.
Please keep in mind “No Paper, No Presentation Policy”.

IEPC Submission Template Download

Paper Template (Word) (Tex) (PDF)Instruction

Note: The above templates are IEPC and ISTS-b session only. Authors for other ISTS Sessions (a, c, …, z sessions) should use another template at the ISTS web site.