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Message from the 29th ISTS General Chairperson

Dr. Masanori HOMMA, JAXA

We are pleased to have the opportunity to host the 29th ISTS in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan, on June 2-9, 2013. The ISTS is an international symposium on space technology and science, which covers almost all the fields of space activities. It first met in 1959 in Tokyo and has been held in Japan mostly every two years. This symposium has played an important role in sharing information, and in providing a significant world wide network of scientists and engineers, both for academic and industrial communities, in space technology and science. ISTS has also contributed in encouraging young researchers, and in providing education program for the next generation.
While we are just in the process of rapid and global economic development, we confront steadily growing problems of earth environment, population explosion, energy crisis, and severe disasters etc. The history of ISTS has been a process to tackle such respective issues from academic and engineering aspects. In the 29th ISTS we launch a theme, “WISH IT, DREAM IT, Do IT !”, from the center of aerospace industries in Japan, Nagoya/Aichi. All participants will get newest information through technical sessions as well as technical tours. Please join us and discuss space technology and science for the future aspects together. I look forward to seeing you in June 2013.

Message from the 29th ISTS Program Chairperson

Prof. Kozo FUJII, JAXA

The 29th ISTS will be held in Nagoya, June 2013. Nagoya city is located at the center of Japanese main island Honshu. It is one of the five big cities in Japan with a population of 2.24 million. The message “WISH IT, DREAM IT, DO IT” was chosen as a main theme of the 29th ISTS symposium. Space has been a target of human’s wish or dream for many years, but it may be time to realize human activities in space after years of accumulation of space technologies. Almost all the fields of space technology and science are the topics of the symposium.
Most of the former technical sessions continue but highlights some of the recent trends. For example, there will be a special program “Future of Space Tourism”, new sessions “Small Satellite”, “Safety and Mission Assurance” and a renamed session “Science and Technology for Human and Robotic Space Exploration”. Nagoya has been playing an important role in the may field of industrial part of Japan and space is not an exception. The participants will have opportunities to feel it through technical tours and exhibitions. Your participation is very much welcome and we all hope the success of the symposium by having stimulating discussions on space technology and science in the 29th ISTS, Nagoya.

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