Organizing Committe

Message from the 28th ISTS General Chairperson


We are pleased to have the opportunity to host the 28th ISTS in Okinawa, Japan, in June 2011. The ISTS is an international symposium on space technology and science which includes almost all fields of space activities. It first met in 1959 in Tokyo and has been held in Japan mostly every two years. This symposium has played an important role in sharing information, and in providing a significant world wide network of scientists and engineers in space technology and science.

While we are just in the process of rapid and global economic development, we are confronted with steadily growing ill indications with earth environment, population explosion, energy crisis, etc. The history of ISTS has been a process to tackle the problems of respective epochs from academic and engineering aspects. In the 28th ISTS we launches a theme, “Exploring Humans, Earth and Space”, from the island of peace Okinawa. Okinawa is a southern island located about 1000 miles southwest to Tokyo and is a gateway to East Asia. It is surrounded by beautiful oceans and blessed with an excellent natural environment.

Please join us to discuss space technology and science, and enjoy a southern beautiful island Okinawa. I look forward to seeing you in Okinawa in June 2011.

Message from the 28th ISTS Program Chairperson


The 28th ISTS will be held in Okinawa, where the attractive circumstances of tropical island will stimulate all participants to expand their imagination from Humans, to Earth and Space. Space activities are dramatically advancing and inspiring significant challenges. The symposium will maintain most of the excellent sessions established in the past symposium with the addition of quite new features of organized sessions and panel discussions to satisfy the primary objectives of societies.For over viewing the activities of space fairing countries, the national space programs are also introduced.

All participants to this symposium will be provided with not only fruitful information of space technology and science but also with the opportunity to discuss each other to quest new concept and grand visions for coming days. Young researchers including university students are encouraged to join the symposium and become a new member of this world.

Please come and visit to this attractive island and discuss space technology and science. I am looking forward to seeing you in Okinawa in June 2011.