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Okinawa Convention Center

Okinawa : blessed with the beauties of the subtropics and a unique cultural heritage.
As gateway to East Asia, it is a center for exchange between Japan and Asia.
At the hub of this center is the Okinawa Convention Center (OCC).

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Access to Okinawa

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Access to Okinawa

Access to Okinawa Convention Center

Access to Okinawa Convention Center

Access to Okinawa Convention Center and Laguna Garden Hotel 
from Naha Airport
By taxi from Naha Airport
14 km from Naha Airport, approximately 30 minutes (using Route 58 directly, turn left  at
the Makiminato intersection)
Taxi fare : approximately 3,000JYN
By Airport Limousine Bus (Hana) from Naha Airport
Get off at Laguna Garden Hotel. 45-minute ride. 
540JYN fare. 5-minute walk to Okinawa Convention Center.
By Route Bus from Naha Airport
Take the monorail from Naha Airport Station and get off at Asahibashi Station
(Naha Bus Terminal). Time required : 11 minutes   Fare : 230JYN
When you get the Naha Bus Terminal, take bus #32, 112 or 28(all pass the
Convention Center), and get off the Convention Center bus stop.
Time required : 40 minutes   Fare : 520JYN